“I learned to listen to the signals of my body that tell me when to stop and take a minute to de-stress”
“I noticed that being non-judgmental gives me so much more piece and inner stilness’.
My name is Nadia Debonne, owner of the Biggest AD Delhaize, In Belgium, Europe. I have been following a 1-year private 1 on 1 coaching program with Veronique Benoit. My problem was I couldn’t find inner piece anymore because I wanted to be perfect in everything, there was so much going on in my life that I felt nervous all the time, my mind was spinning in the evening and I could not fall asleep easily.

Veronique taught me practical short breathing exercises, dynamic relaxation techniques, visualization and sophrology methods that I could practice at home and do whenever I needed to.
For the first time I felt like someone was really listening and did understand how I felt. Important for me is that I have learned ‘how’ and ‘why’ we think the way we do and how that influences the way we feel and act.

I am so happy my doctor recommended her to me. Her being and her method changed my life in a positive way. I feel independent, positive, energized and powerful.

I also know now that pain is a part of life and it is how you react to that pain that will determine how it will affect your live.

I recommended Veronique to all my friends, entrepreneurs, managers that are stressed. We all miss her terribly in Belgium because she was a one of a kind coach.

“I am mindful of my negative thoughts and know now how to deal with negativity that pulls me down.”
“I understand the system of the breath more clearly and made it a habit to breath more calmly in stressful moments”
My name is Isabelle Lemahieu, self-employed at retail, lives in Belgium, Europe.

I followed a 1-year, 1 on 1 private coaching and an 8-week mindfulness parenting groups training with Veronique.

I was completely stressed out, talked fast and often forgot to breath. I suffered a lot of neck and backpains due to the daily stress, managing the family business with my brother, running my own agency business with my mother, rebuilding my private house and raising 2 beautiful girls.

Veronique thought me breathing techniques, how to talk calmly, relax and breath at the same time. Her mindfulness and sophrology exercises made me more conscious and aware of how I was living my life. On automatic pilot, completely ignoring the signals of my body, pleasing everyone else and neglecting my true self. That’s what I really loved about the session, being me, with all my pains and being heard without judgement. I felt physically relaxed, clear minded, energized and hopeful after each session. One of her specialties is that she can really dance in the moment due to the years of study, expertise, coaching and mentoring adults and kids.

I can recommend Veronique to everyone I know who is living on automatic pilot and missing out on live. I looked forward to every session with her and miss her since she moved to the States 3 Years ago.

“I appreciate my body more and realize that it needs the proper fuel like healthy food, relaxation and exercise if I want to be in my best self”
“I am happy to have experienced that what I believe or think has an influence on my body. And that I can change that if I want.”
My name is Isabel Baert, senior solution expert, lives in Belgium, Europe.

A couple of years ago Veronique helped me out during a high-pressure period in my life.

She’s a great life coach and mindfulness trainer, with a solid theoretical background. She has taught me very helpful mindfulness techniques which I still practice today, but even more importantly, on two occasions in my life, she’s helped me to make up my mind on some life changing choices. By her calm and reassuring presence and knowledgeable approach, she has really helped me in a precious way.

During the same period, my son Victor participated in her KiddyMinds program, an 8-week mindfulness program she wrote for children age 7-11, he was about 10 and struggling with anxiety.

Veronique is also very good at teaching children how to find strengths within themselves and to live in the moment.

So as a hardworking woman and parent, I’m satisfied about what she has done for the both of us.

It’s just too bad she’s now so far away from Belgium… I would recommend anyone who is struggling or under a lot of stress to work with Veronique!

“I thought that nobody could teach me how to relax but I was wrong. The easy-to-do exercises can bring my heartrate down”
“I feel much more who I really am and what I need to be powerful and energetic.”
My name is Doens Bjorn, one of the top managers at legio-invest, in Belgium, Europe.

I have been following a 1 year, 1 on 1 private coaching program with Veronique Benoit. My problem was anxiety, fear for everything what appeared easy for everyone else. Panic-attacks. Low-self-esteem. Self-doubt. Loss of mental strength. Loss of mental power.

Veronique helped me in several ways. Every session she sat down and really listened to all my pains without judging. I could open up easily and share my biggest fears. She made me aware of the negative vicious circle I was in. How my thoughts influenced my breathing and how my feelings influenced my thinking. She gave me breathing exercises so I could handle the hyperventilation, mindfulness meditation to learn to live in the present, relaxation to find piece in stressful moments and cognitive therapy to understand old patrons and behavior.

Gradually I started to rediscover myself in a positive way. I felt well-balanced, relaxed, powerful and energized. I learned to face my fears and handle my emotions.

I would recommend Veronique to everyone I know. Veronique is a ‘concept’ she can handle every age, men or women, who are stressed out, lost or out of balance.

The only way to find out is to experience yourself, you will not only meet an inspiring, easy to-go-to coach but most important you will discover the best version of yourself. Your true core.

“I realize now, that I subconsciously tens my muscles when I need to perform. Being aware of this tension helped me to let go and have less muscle pain.”
My name is Ruth Simoens, primary school teacher.

I followed a 1 on 1 private coaching session for 6 months. My problem was shortness of breath, chest pressure, nervousness, fear and anxiety attacks.

My family doctor recommended Veronique. She taught me basics breathing techniques and focused on exhaling and letting go of tension, dynamic relaxation to learn how to relax in every situation, sophrology, to be more aware and conscious of posture, muscles tension and senses. The visualization exercises reprogrammed me to look at my fears differently, positive. She explained me the difference between chronic and acute hyperventilation and informed me about the biological, psychological and physical effects of anxiety. Being conscious of the body-mind connection gave me more piece of mind. I felt reborn, peaceful and more confident after each session. I could open my heart to her and talk about all my physical and mental pains. I trusted her completely and felt heard and understood. Every time she guided me with her soft voice and her special structural method I felt at ease, happy and totally relaxed.

She differences from other coaches in the way she exists, connects, guides and instructs. Her coaching sessions are based on experiencing and practicing. I am still thankful for the whole backpack of different personalized exercises I received to practice at home instead of taking medication. From the first session I felt more confident and hopeful, because I could change my own life. I have control over my feelings and thoughts. She opened my eyes and thought me to live in the moment, enjoy nature and to see things in another perspective.

I am so sorry she moved and I will never forget what she thought me , it feels like yesterday.

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