The internal clock as regulator

Are you also someone who thinks that to unwind in the evening the best thing to do is watching television or social media? I used to think so too until I realized that blue light from electrical devices can activate your brain and keep you awake. Even looking around in my house I can see the effects off all this screen time on the sleeping schedule of my young adults. They live in a complete other time zone.That’s OK for me. Life is all about choices. I prefer to unwind in the evening by connecting with my body, being thankful for the day and doing a little relaxation exercise which I teach in the 5-day challenge.

First thing I recommend my clients struggling with sleeping issues is to learn to listen to their body signals. Your body is smart and has an internal clock that regulates your sleepiness and wakefulness. This clock is regulated by a part of the brain that responds to light and darkness. Maybe you have experienced this for yourself onboard of a long haul aircraft and flying to the other side of the world. The cabin crew will darken the cabin even when it is daytime. There are many “zeitgebers” which are external cues which influence the operations of the internal clock in an organism. An example as mentioned is light which leads us to go to sleep.

If you want to fall asleep easier, respect your internal clock, connect with your body and become aware of your body signals which are reminding you to go to bed.

Do you recognize any of these signals?

  • You get chilly and cuddle up in a blanket
  • You begin yawning
  • You are having a hard time concentrating, focusing
  • You are craving carbs to get some more energy
  • Your breath is becoming more regular
  • Your heart rate is decreasing a bit

Connecting our mind to our body is one of the things that can help us achieve better sleep. Tonight, be mindful. When you begin receiving sleep signals, begin introducing yourself to sleep by turning off some lights and making it darker. Start moving toward the bedroom where you can finish your bedtime routine, crawl into bed, and fall asleep fast.

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