Look at sleep in a positive way

I remember when I had young kids I was extremely happy with 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. While listening to my clients, many were not satisfied at all with 6 hours.

Sleep satisfaction is based on the fact that when 2 people have the same experience, each will evaluate it differently. It is a subjective matter depending on a lot of things. To be more satisfied with your sleep you have to start looking at sleep in a positive manner. Instead of being disappointed that you only got six hours of sleep instead of eight, invite yourself to see it differently. You got 6 hours, didn’t you? It could have been a lot worse. You might not have gotten any sleep at all!

BE HAPPY WITH WHAT THERE IS. In order to experience a certain level of satisfaction, do not focus too much on what you did not receive.

Sleep satisfaction is also linked to energy level. So even when you don’t feel energetic when you open your eyes, get out of bed, open the curtains and window, breathe, stretch and say thanks for an other beautiful day. And, if you have the opportunity, put on your hiking shoes and go for a walk. You will feel completely different when you come back.

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