6 Months Individual “Your True Life Rocks” Coaching

  • 1 x 1-hour jumpstart call
  • Body & mind awareness
  • Breathing exercises
  • Dynamic relaxation techniques
  • Veronique’s principles to cope better with stress
  • Commitment, intake and consent form
  • 18 x 1-hour coaching call
  • Introduction to the 5 body zones
  • Knowledge about the relaxation postures
  • 1 x 1-hour follow up call
  • Positive mindset for a successful future
  • Positive emotion selection from the past for building confidence in the future
  • Value Exploration for a happy You
  • Skype recording of the exercises
  • Skype questions will be answered within 24 hours
These 6-months coaching form the 6 steps of “Your true-life rocks” method. “Your true-life rocks” method is a self-help method, a positive lifestyle and like everything in life, change needs time and practice.
Positive body-awareness

“The 5 senses are now taking an important place in my life”

Decreases my heartbeat

“It is amazing how I can bring my heart rate down by doing my exercises”

More in control

“I am less caught up in situations“

Less anxiety, less fear

“I learned to look at the future in another way, what helped me succeed my goals”

Managing emotions

“I experienced a lot off struggles in my life and learn to appreciate it”

Less muscle pain due to stress

“The minute I start to tense my muscles I am aware and know how to relax”

Knowledge of values

“More and more I have the feeling that I am living the life that I wish for”

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