14-Days Group Awareness Challenge

  • 4 x 1-hour dynamic life group session
  • Basic body & mind awareness
  • Basic breathing exercises
  • Basic dynamic relaxation techniques
  • Introduction to Veronique’s 3 principles to cope better with stress
  • 14 days awareness calendar
  • Commitment, intake and consent form
  • Notebook
  • Introduction to the 5 body zones
  • Basic knowledge about the relaxation postures
  • Daily awareness message
This 14-days awareness challenge is the first step and forms the basics to start “Your true-life rocks” method. “Your true-life rocks’ method is a self-help method, a positive lifestyle and like everything in life, change needs time and practice.

More body- awareness
“I realize now that most of the time I live on automatic pilot and don’t pick up the information my body sends me”.

More mind- awareness
“I am more aware of thoughts that try to mislead me”

Better sleep
“I woke up in the middle of the night, with the breathing method I fell asleep again. It felt like a miracle.”

Increase of a positive mindset
“I realize even after my divorce that I have a lot in my life to live for.”

Less reactive
“I notice that I can stay calm in moments where I normally explode”

Less stressed
“The little exercises I do during the day bring my stress level down.”

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