“Before going to bed threat yourself the way you are pampering your child.”

10 tips for better sleep for the working women.

1. Become more conscious of the signals of your body that tell you to go to bed. Mostly we are doing screen time in the evening and are not paying attention to the body signals. Or we notice the signals and do not want to miss the end of a movie. Or we are to busy and not calling it a night. To fall asleep easily we need to pay attention to our body that is sending out sleep signals. Become aware, know your signs so you do not miss your ideal sleep moment. What are your sleeping signals?

2. Slowdown in the evening. As active women our job is never done. You can decide when to stop. You need to prepare yourself for a good night’s rest by stopping all your activities at least 1 hour before bedtime. At what time do you end your evening?

3. Land in your body. In the evening it is important to silence the chatter in your head because this can be one of the reasons why you have a hard time falling asleep. Thinking about all the things you have to do for the next day, thinking about what happened in your day, thinking about what you may not forget, name it. Think, think think….Get out of your head by doing some bedtime yoga. How do you get out of your head in the evening?

4. Look at sleep as something important and valuable. It is interesting to hear a lot of working women say that sleep is a waste of valuable time. Time in which they could have done so much more. Let me tell you this. SLEEP IS ESSENTIAL to restore your body and mind. Read more on my blog. What does sleep mean to you?

5. Create a sleep sanctuary. Your bedroom is not an other workings space. It is a place where you love to be. So leave work out of the bedroom. Create a happy place with good smells, no mess, no TV, nice curtains, calming colors, no phone, no electronics. A peaceful environment. What do you love about your bedroom?

6. Practice visualization. When your day was a rat race it can be a challenge to slow down. Try to imagine a calm image. Like the beach and use all your senses to experience you being at the beach. What is your happy place?

7. Enjoy a mindful moment. Focus in the moment with a cup of calming thee, or rubbing your feet with lavender oil, taking a relaxing shower, listen to nature sounds. How do you relax in the evening?

8. Use your breath to guide you into sleep. When thoughts are keeping you from falling asleep, refocus. Bring your attention to your breath, and label it with IN and OUT. Find a guided meditation on my YouTube Channel here. What helps you fall asleep easier?

9. Practice a basic body scan. Check your body and pay attention on what you experience. Focus on positive sensations of resting. Or check out a guided bodyscan on my Youtube channel. What body sensations do you experience when you are calm?

10. Be thankful at the end of the day and let you overflow with positive energy. What are you thankful?

When you need more help, I am here to help. Contact me for a 30-minute free call on veronique.benoit@icloud.com or inform about my 6-week sleep program.

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