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Veronique Benoit

Founder of Your True Life Rocks Method

World expert in addressing the physical and emotional pain of professionals

For 30 years I have successfully helped active people balance demanding professional and private lives, providing them with effective solutions to physical and emotional pain.

7-step integrative mind-body relaxation method to effectively combat stress

The leading scientifically-proven Mind-Body Relaxation Method for Career Women and Men

In Europe, for three decades I have attended to my clients with my proven seven step-dynamic integrative program. I have allowed them to become conscious of the powerful mind-body connection, enabling them to discover an effective solution to relieve pain, emotional and physical. And now I am bringing this to you in North America.

“The more I worked with people the more I discovered the influence of the mind on the body.”
Veronique Benoit

All the 7-Step Mind-Body Techniques I Use Are All Scientifically Based

Nowadays most of us, live on automatic pilot. We rush from work to home, trying to manage everything perfectly. Ours mind is jumping around, planning, thinking, judging and our body is screaming for attention, sending out all kind of psychosomatic signals like muscle pain, high blood pressure, chest pain or hyperventilation.
We ignore these symptoms until we have no other option but to deal with it.
I aim to heal professionals of their physical, emotional and mental pains by teaching them how to live in full consciousness.



7-Step Program Benefits

  • To listen to the signals of my body that tell me when to stop
  • To relax my muscles so I don’t have all those pains anymore
  • To let go of negative thoughts that pulled me down
  • To breath calmly in stressful moments
  • That my body and mind are connected. So if I think negative I will feel negative. And if I project myself negative in the future chance it high that it will happen that way
  • That I am responsible for how I feel
  • That I can re-energize myself by doing easy to do exercises
  • What drives me and gets me up in the morning
  • To appreciate my body that is given to me

What we will achieve together

Improvement of sleep quality

Creates an objective mindset

Decreases chronical physical pain

Regulates negative emotions

Reduces stress headache

Calms the nervous system

Decreases temporary blood pressure

Re-boost your energy

Relieves chest tightness

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A novel way to approach an old and real problem

The 7-Step Integrative Method fundamentally differs from other methods currently in use due to the path with which I guide active people to heal themselves to become well-balanced and successful again. It’s key principle is that the system is about bringing them where they want to be, and therefore my healing program is tailored around their unique needs.

The 7-step integrative method is based on Sophrology, enriched with other techniques like mindfulness, and cognitive therapy. To feel optimal and productive again we need to pause, and zoom in like a lens, and focus in the present. Give your busy mind a little break and focus on feeling, relaxing, releasing and re-energizing the body.

Gradually you will acquire the skills to bring yourself in a zone of relaxation where the body starts to heal. You will sleep better, your breath will deepen, your heart rate will stabilize, and your chest pressure will disappear.

From there on you can focus on self-development, self-knowledge and personal growth so you can discover who you really are, what your values are and how you want to live a healthy, well-balanced, energized and successful live.

“Focus on the things you can change and let go of the things you can’t”

“My name is Isabelle Lemahieu, self-employed at retail, lives in Belgium, Europe.

I followed a 1-year, 1 on 1 private coaching and an 8-week mindfulness parenting groups training with Veronique.

I was completely stressed out, talked fast and often forgot to breath. I suffered a lot of neck and backpains due to the daily stress, managing the family business with my brother, running my own agency business with my mother, rebuilding my private house and raising 2 beautiful girls.”

Isabelle Lemahieu

“My name is Ruth Simoens, primary school teacher.
I followed a 1 on 1 private coaching session for 6 months. My problem was shortness of breath, chest pressure, nervousness, fear and anxiety attacks.
My family doctor recommended Veronique. She taught me basics breathing techniques and focused on exhaling and letting go of tension, dynamic relaxation to learn how to relax in every situation, sophrology, to be more aware and conscious of posture, muscles tension and senses..”

Ruth Simoens

“My name is Nadia Debonne, owner of the Biggest AD Delhaize, In Belgium, Europe. I have been following a 1-year private 1 on 1 coaching program with Veronique Benoit. My problem was I couldn’t find inner piece anymore because I wanted to be perfect in everything, there was so much going on in my life that I felt nervous all the time, my mind was spinning in the evening and I could not fall asleep easily.
Veronique taught me practical short breathing exercises, dynamic relaxation techniques, visualization and sophrology methods that I could practice at home and do whenever I needed to.”

Nadia Debonné

“I believe there are many ways to climb a mountain and reach a peak.”

To this end my in-depth assessment determines where she is currently situated in the body-mind health diagram and where she ideally would want to be. The objective is to determine which areas of the body-mind health program we will need to focus to best achieve durable well-being. Most of my clients were just happy being relieved from their pain.

My 7 Step Rock Your True Life Program

Through three decades of servicing clients and using my proven seven-step dynamic European integrative program my clients become conscious of the body-mind connection and solutions to relief their pain and be successful again.

Veronique Benoit | Highlight

Integrative Psychotherapist
Master Specialist in Sophrology
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Coach
Relaxation Expert
Tai Chi Instructor
Physical Therapist (Kinesitherapy)
Writer of several books about Relaxation/Mindfulness
Creator of an 8-week Children Mindfulness Program scientifically tested in cooperation with the University of Louvain and Ghent in Belgium
Co-founder of the VVCS (Vlaamse Vereniging voor Caydeciaanse Sofrologen)

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Creating From Inner Stillness

When doing my exercises more regularly, the right side of the brain, which is responsible for creating and generating new ideas is stimulated. While meditating the idea arises, I need to escape my busy mind more often and tap into that deeper quiet place inside of me, which loves art and wants to create.

I discovered metalsmithing. With formless lumps of metal, I create something special. It is just like the work that I do with my clients. In both cases we create something exquisite, you discover the jewel that you are. Ready to shine in your world and rock your true life.

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